Christian Aid


Fareham Methodist Church, along with the other churches in Fareham supports fund raising activities for the work of Christian Aid.

Additional volunteers for this work are always welcome.



Church Partnership Scheme

In Zimbabwe, political instability, combined with increasingly erratic rainfall and the impact of HIV, has left many communities across the country facing serious food shortages. This is particularly true in Matabeleland, a dry region stretching across the south and west of the country. Here poor soils, inadequate water supplies and environmental degradation have reduced harvests and increased malnutrition, particularly among children.

However, Christian Aid is now working with local partners ZimPro and Lutheran Development Services and communities in South Matabeleland on a new project to increase the productivity of the soil and introduce new and better crops. Key to the success of this project is the introduction of a new approach to growing crops called ‘conservation farming’ which has already made a big difference to crop yields in other parts of the country.

Along with this new farming method, the project is also introducing a greater diversity of crops, livestock, such as chickens and goats, and measures to preserve the soil so that communities have more reliable and varied sources of food.

In October 2010 our Church along with URC, St John’s, Holy Trinity and St Columba pledged to raise £5000 over two years to support a project in Zimbabwe. Support from the European Commission means that for every £1 donated through the Partnership Scheme to this project, the Commission will give an additional £9, therefore multiplying donations by 10!


The Christian Aid Quiz and Ploughman's Supper on 28th October was a very enjoyable evening and raised £529.20. An additionsl £355.00 was also donated.

Plans are already taking place for next year!

Linda Foster