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May 2019
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Come on and celebrate!

If May and June were a liturgical season, surely they would make up the Season of Celebration.

With lectionary suggestions in place for May and June, it becomes clear in just how many striking ways the post-Easter story played out in the lives of the first disciples – and in ours too.

Ascension Day takes place at the end of this month (30 May) and is followed shortly after by Pentecost (9 June) and Trinity Sunday (16 June).


As well as hymn suggestions on each of our lectionary posts, take a moment to check out Touching the wind: how we describe the Holy Spirit, which take a look at the images used by writers in Singing the Faith’s Pentecost and “Spirit hymns”.

As one hymn puts it:

Come on and celebrate
his gift of love, we will celebrate
the Son of God who loved us
and gave us his life.
(StF 44)

Remembering the Wesleys


Before we reach the ancient Christian festivals described above, we take the opportunity to mark Wesley Day (24 May) and Aldersgate Sunday (19 May), which together recall the conversion of the Wesley brothers, John and Charles.

Hymn suggestions and further information can be found in our article Aldersgate – what changed for the Wesleys? In addition, Five hymns for Aldersgate suggests a way of re-calling this pivotal moment in the lives of the Wesleys, and the beginnings of a movement that continues to have a powerful worldwide impact.

Exploring Colossians - Bible Month 2019


Bible Month in 2019 focusses on Paul’s letter to the Colossians. Professor James Dunn’s guide to the letter draws out themes and preaching points, as well as offering suggestions about how to discuss the letter in groups. Bible Month resources available here from Preach Magazine.


If you are also planning to focus on Colossians during worship, for example in a preaching series, StF+ has put together an exclusive starter list of hymns from Singing the Faith that we hope you will find helpful.

Talking about StF


This month, the Singing the Faith Reference group meets to discuss issues relating both to the website and our complete range of StF resources. Issues that you have raised will be on the agenda, and our hopes for the future will be mapped out – including, of course, the new-look StF+ website.


We will let you know about any new developments as they come on stream.

As ever, you can get in touch with me by emailing, using the feedback page of the website. With good wishes from all of us at Singing the Faith.


With good wishes from all of us at Singing the Faith.



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